Acclimatisation \ Gap filling Floor Sanding

At least two weeks before you plan to sand a restore an old floor, Bath floor sanding would ask for the carpets to be lifted.

For two reasons:

1/ This enables the boards to breath again after being covered by carpet and underlay. They will often have a disproportionately high moisture content.

This gives the chosen gap filling method the best chance of working as the gaps in floorboards will increase as the boards dry and the filler will fall out.

2/ Floor sanding bath would always try to acclimatise the floor first.

After the period of acclimatisation the gaps in the floor should have reached an equilibrium.

This is the best time to full them with Pine wedges and a small amount of resin filler

To achieve a table top finish as below.

You must be aware that despite following the theses guide lines that the gaps will inevitably come back as the floor expands and contracts.

But with they should now be of a minimal size.